Michigan State Police Precision Driving Facility

Lansing, Michigan

The Michigan State Police proposed reconstructing their 1-mile performance driving course at their Precision Driving Facility in Lansing, Michigan. PEA Group was contracted to do a preliminary evaluation of the current facility’s driving course and provide safety and design recommendations.

To compile the report, PEA Group conducted a facility assessment to identify specific safety concerns and understand the track’s current uses and the required work scope. Following a set of standards while utilizing the information collected during the facility assessment, our team provided our considerations, specifically for drainage and safety, as well as pavement surface improvements for performance handling.

Our team determined that a significant portion of the course did not meet the provided safety standards and produced the recommendations to reconstruct it properly. In addition to the final report, PEA Group delivered a conceptual safety plan and detail sheets that included recommendations and details such as guardrails and crash rails.

Michigan State Police
Project Type
  • Professional Consulting