The Unviersity of Michigan Glenn E. Schembechler Hall

The University of Michigan Glenn E. Schembechler Hall

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Challenge

PEA Group prepared the site design for this high-profile project involving the renovation of an existing facility, which served as a museum to showcase the legacy of the acclaimed University of Michigan football program.

University of Michigan
Project Type

The Approach

We analyzed the existing site and determined where significant improvements could be made to create an enhanced welcoming experience to visitors. In addition to this, we designed the pedestrian circulation, replaced a portion of the parking lot, and created new sidewalk and landscape features around the building to enhance the visitor experience by improving visibility of the exterior of the building and entrance ramp, improving access to the main visitor entrance. Additional changes to the delivery area and bus loading areas were incorporated with input from University staff.


The Results

This completed, redesigned facility is significant for the University of Michigan, as it serves as the first impression to potential recruits when they visit the campus. This project is a landmark on the University of Michigan campus and displays the national importance of the Unversity’s football program.