PEA Group’s Annual Meeting Highlights Commitment to Transparency, Employee Satisfaction, and Growth

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PEA Group recently convened for its annual meeting, bringing together our Michigan and Texas offices, where the company’s commitment to growth, innovation, and a client-centric approach took center stage. The meeting focused on various strategic goals across different facets of the organization, including people, clients, markets, and operations. Below are just a few highlights of the meeting!


  • Almost 20% of our employees were promoted in 2023, recognizing their growth and achievements within the company.
  • PEA Group was acknowledged by Crain’s as one of the Best Places to Work for the fifth consecutive year, achieving the highest ranking ever. This recognition speaks to our positive organizational culture and employee satisfaction within the company.
  • Employee engagement has seen consistent growth over the past five years, reflecting the efforts made to foster a collaborative and motivated workforce.
  • PEA Group introduced career pathing opportunities for each discipline, empowering individuals to choose paths that align with their interests and skills. Furthermore, these career paths can be adjusted based on personal interests, goals, experiences, and new opportunities that arise, providing flexibility and personal growth.
  • As an employee-owned company, we are excited to have welcomed the largest group of new shareholders in our history, showcasing a commitment to professional development and recognizing the contributions of valued employees. This has increased the total count to 29 associates.
  • The acquisition of ASTI Environmental was announced, marking the company’s largest acquisition ever. This expansion enhances the company’s capabilities to include environmental services and showcases our team’s dedication to providing comprehensive solutions to clients.

Looking ahead to 2024, PEA Group outlined corporate goals focused on strategic growth targets, fostering a culture of fiscal responsibility, enhancing staffing and talent acquisition strategies, improving the overall employee experience, setting revenue goals, identifying areas for service offering enhancements, and planning for target market expansions to position the company for continued success and innovation in the industry.

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