Automotive Tracks

Over the years, PEA Group has developed a unique skill set in specialty automotive tracks. Through in-depth experience, we’ve learned that the success of these facilities depends on an intricate understanding of users’ needs and expectations, and design that fulfills those requirements. Whether it’s creating intentionally rough surfaces, non-traditional grades and profiles, or unique track surfacings, PEA Group has the expertise and industry relationships to get the project planned and built to specification. The following are just some of the services we provide:

  • Track surface evaluation and repair recommendations
  • Track safety evaluation and recommendations
  • Detailed engineering and technical specifications
  • Low coefficient surface design
  • Test track design and engineering
  • Construction materials testing

For specialty automotive track projects, we work closely with end-users to develop designs that meet stringent testing requirements, including international specifications. Our ability to work seamlessly with contractors and other sub-consultants ensures conformance with the design specification and mitigation of construction issues.

Our Work — Automotive Tracks