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PEA team members working on a project.

PEA Group provides creative design solutions to a variety of project types and sectors across the United States. How can we serve you?

Race car crossing finish line.

Automotive Tracks

Through in-depth experience, we’ve learned that the success of specialty track facilities depends on an intricate understanding of users’ needs and expectations, and design that fulfills those requirements. We have the expertise and industry relationships to get your project planned and built to specification.

Commercial site design rendering.


Through decades of experience, we have built a deep knowledge base and vetted processes to help lead clients toward successful commercial developments, including retail spaces of all sizes, company headquarters, and offices. We offer integrated services that facilitate settings reflective of your site’s character and your vision.


Driven by the understanding that every healthcare facility possesses its own unique set of requirements and considerations, we provide comprehensive awareness and knowledge of healthcare infrastructure to facilitate more effective and efficient developments.

Higher education institution.

Higher Education

We help higher education institutions enhance their sites to provide safe environments for staff, students, and visitors. We offer a wide variety of integrated services to fit your needs along with post-development support and facility consultations.

Stellantis Mack Plant


We have the engineering and land surveying experience, along with a practical design philosophy, to provide functional and durable design solutions geared specifically for industrial sites.


PEA Group’s dedicated team of experts brings you the value of a comprehensive understanding of the intricate challenges of site work on school campuses.

Bikers on a bike trail.

Non-Motorized Transportation

Our integrated approach to developing non-motorized transportation routes provides planning solutions essential to creating successful pathways, trails, bike routes, and more.

Illustration of active park landscape.

Parks + Recreation

We provide recreation opportunities that create connections between communities and the environment. Enhancing the character of the surrounding area while providing access to recreation for all is our overarching goal.

Aerial view of a residential neighborhood.


We have specialized in site planning and engineering for residential developments for decades. Partnering with developers and land owners, we provide innovative planning, surveying, and creative design solutions tailored specifically for the features and requirements of your projects.

Senior living building.

Senior Living

Our efforts in senior living are diligently focused on enhancing the day-to-day experiences of the end client. We take a carefully detailed approach that results in more joyful and engaging spaces that can be utilized by the aging population.

Utilities + Energy

While the needs of energy and utility providers are vast and varied, one thing is certain — they require responsive and comprehensive geospatial data. We have the proven ability and years of experience to help keep your project moving forward

Water Resources

Water sustains our communities — while it offers many benefits, it often creates more challenges for day-to-day life. Our future in our communities requires understanding the past and having a thoughtful vision of the future. With thorough planning and design, we can enhance our environment and create solutions to manage and overcome these challenges together.


PEA Group specializes in a broad range of services. How can we help you?