Chris Beland, PS, Presents at the International Right of Way Association

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On Thursday, September 24th, PEA Group’s senior project manager and Brighton survey department manager, Chris Beland, PS, will be presenting at the International Right of Way Association’s Fall Education Seminar on Mackinac Island at Mission Point Resort, located at the scenic Mackinac Island State Park. Chris will share his expertise on the following topics:

  • Discussion of right-of-way and easements
  • How surveyors resolve locations, limits, and boundaries
  • Resources surveyors use to track down records
  • What surveyors need to create drawings and descriptions for conveyance documents
  • Why accurate, legible, and reproducible survey documents are important
  • Surveyor and row agent relationships and how they can help support each other

In addition to attending presentations, those at the seminar have the opportunity to participate in several exciting networking activities, such as mixers/happy hour, a scavenger hunt on a bicycle, and a not-so-silent auction.


About Chris Beland

As the survey department manager for PEA Group’s Brighton office, Chris is responsible for the overall success and development of the Brighton survey group. Additionally, as a senior project manager, Chris specializes in the interpretation of land boundaries and titles to provide an assessment of their impacts on property development. Leveraging the knowledge gained from studying the legal principles of surveying and land boundaries, Chris is able to partner with owners, attorneys, developers, designers, and communities to develop integrated solutions.

About IRWA

Founded in 1934, the IRWA is a professional member organization, established for professionals in the right of way field, such as engineers, surveyors, project managers, environmental specialists, and more. The IRWA provides its 12,000+ members with the tools needed to both build and advance their careers.