Chris Beland Reappointed to the State Boundary Commission

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced appointments to several state boards and commissions, including the State Boundary Commission. PEA Group’s senior project manager and Brighton survey department manager, Chris Beland, PS, has been reappointed to the State Boundary Commission for a second term. In 2019, Chris filled the role of his predecessor, Michael Rice, and his 1st term commenced on December 18th of that year. Chris will serve for an additional three years, his second term began November 16th, 2020, and expires November 15th, 2023.

When asked about his experience on the State Boundary Commission and what it has meant to him thus far, Chris stated “After leaving my position with the State of Michigan to join PEA Group, the one thing I found I missed was the sense of fulfillment I received through serving the public. The appointment to the State Boundary Commission is a great honor and provides me the opportunity to serve the citizens of Michigan and apply my knowledge and experience on land boundaries and land development once again.”

In addition to his role on the State Boundary Commission, Chris serves on the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors Board of Directors as a member of the executive team and as the chair of their Annual Convention Planning Committee.

If you have an interest in learning more about Chris’ role with the State Boundary Commission, please contact him at

About the State Boundary Commission 

The State Boundary Commission is responsible for administering the State Boundary Commission Act and portions of the Home Rule City and the Home Rule Village Act. The Commission serves as a quasi-judicial body adjudicating many types of municipal boundary adjustments and recommends, to the Director of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, the approval or denial of petitions for incorporations of new Home Rule Cities, new Home Rule Villages, and municipal consolidations. The Commission also recommends approval or denial of certain types of petitions involving land currently under township jurisdiction that is proposed to be annexed into a Home Rule City.

About Chris Beland

As the survey department manager for PEA Group’s Brighton office, Chris is responsible for the overall success and development of the Brighton survey group. Additionally, as senior project, Chris specializes in the interpretation of land boundaries and titles to provide an assessment of their impacts on property development. Leveraging the knowledge gained from studying the legal principles of surveying and land boundaries, Chris is able to partner with owners, attorneys, developers, designers, and communities to develop integrated solutions.

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