Chris Beland Receives the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors President’s Award

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On February 17th, 2021, outgoing board President, Larry Feindt, PS, awarded PEA Group’s Chris Beland, PS, the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors (MSPS) President’s Award at the society’s Annual Membership Meeting during its 2021 Annual Convention.

The MSPS President’s Award is given out by the Board President to individuals who have helped provide support to the organization, as well as furthering the MSPS mission of advancing the surveying profession through leadership, education, advocacy, and outreach.

In 2019, Chris was appointed as the Convention Committee Chair and took on the task of redesigning the Society’s annual education and membership event to make it viable in the current age. Following the event, President Feindt commented “I think most would agree our 79th annual convention at the Radisson Plaza Hotel in Kalamazoo was a great success.”

Shortly after the 2020 event wrapped up in late February, the COVID-19 pandemic reached Michigan, causing the plans for 2021 to be thrown into question. As the year advanced and the status of the pandemic continued to fluctuate, plans for the event moved forward under three options: fully in-person without significant changes, a hybrid in-person and virtual option, or fully virtual. By the end of November with the COVID rates in Michigan at an all-time high and with less than months before the start of the Convention, the event was moved from being a hybrid event to being fully virtual. In promotion for the event, President Feindt commented “our 2021 Annual Convention Committee has come through admirably, once again designing an event which, eventually, was forced to become a virtual one. This was not a straightforward assignment, since nothing in this type of format has been accomplished before, stating that the success of the event took considerable thought, planning, and innovation.

Chris was awarded the President’s Award in recognition of both his leadership and dedication in his role and was thanked for his efforts in planning the convention. He is grateful for this award, stating “to be recognized is never anticipated but graciously appreciated.” He is grateful for being recognized for the risks he took and creating lasting change, believing this award is evidence that following your instincts is never the wrong choice.


About MSPS and NSPS

Founded in 1941, the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors is an affiliate member of the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). NSPS represents professionals in the surveying community within the US and its territories. MSPS represents professional surveyors within the State of Michigan and is dedicated to bringing awareness about the surveying field through leadership, educational opportunities, outreach, and promotion.


About Chris Beland

As the Survey Department Manager for PEA Group’s Brighton office, Chris Beland, PS, is responsible for the overall success and development of the Brighton survey group. Additionally, as Senior Project Manager, Chris specializes in the interpretation of land boundaries and titles to provide an assessment of their impacts on property development. Leveraging the knowledge gained from studying the legal principles of surveying and land boundaries, Chris is able to partner with owners, attorneys, developers, designers, and communities to develop integrated solutions.