Empowering Young Women in STEM: PEA Group Presents at Marian High School’s STEM Career Night

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Even with strong initiatives and significant growth in recent years, women still only make up 34% of the STEM workforce. Women continue to be underrepresented, with the greatest disparities in engineering, computer science, and the physical sciences.

Marian High School, a girls’ Catholic high school in Bloomfield Hills, has built an impressive variety of courses, clubs, and opportunities aimed at encouraging young women to take an interest in STEM activities.

Their annual STEM Career Night allows current students to learn about many STEM fields from women working in STEM positions and/or pursuing a STEM degree in a college setting. This event is always well-received and continues to gain momentum each year.

The 2023 event was no exception; hitting that sweet spot between formal and professional yet conversational and exhilarating, the event left both attendees and presenters feeling invigorated. PEA Group’s senior marketing manager, Nicole Rihtarchik (Marian alumna), senior staff engineer Stacey Pollock, and staff engineer Kayla Plancon were honored to be a part of this lively experience. Providing a glimpse into the world of land surveying and civil engineering, their presentation was met with great enthusiasm, followed by excited one-on-ones.

Stacey Pollock shared her thoughts on the importance of becoming an advocate when teaching the next generation about the STEM profession. She said, “When teaching the next generation about STEM, whether it’s surveying, engineering, or landscape architecture, you are more than a professional; you are also an advocate. It is rewarding in that respect. When discussing the STEM field with students, I instantaneously become more than just a surveyor; I become possibly someone’s mentor or role model.”

PEA Group can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the bright, aspiring minds at Marian!

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