Leslie Accardo Interviews With CQM Community

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“Just because it’s been done this way, doesn’t mean that it’s effective” – Leslie Accardo, PMP

On November 5th, PEA Group’s Leslie Accardo, PMP, was interviewed for the Construction Quality Management’s (CQM) Community’s Construction Quality Week 2020. As part of a series interviewing quality professionals, CQM Community’s president, Hani Emari, PMP, virtually sat down with Leslie to discuss her responsibilities as a quality management professional and how that interacts with her role as a project manager at PEA Group.

During the interview, Leslie reflects on her roots in the quality management field and its significance in construction. Leslie is a true believer that quality management is not up to one individual but is instead possible through the team’s collaborative efforts ensuring the project is in the contractor’s best interest. The overlying message she emphasizes is, whether you are just entering the field of quality management or been in the field for a while, Leslie believes there is always an opportunity for improvement.

About Leslie Accardo

Leslie received her bachelor’s from Wayne State University and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Prior to joining the PEA Group team, Leslie performed as Project Manager and Quality Systems Manager at a global construction engineering company. With over 30 years in the architecture/engineering industry, her experience spans commercial, automotive, healthcare, government, LEED, and internal corporate projects.

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