Meet Anne Hayner, Landscape Designer

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Meet Anne Hayner, Landscape Designer for PEA Group’s Brighton office.

Anne received her BA in Environmental Science from Williams College. As an undergraduate, she became interested in spatial planning and GIS applications. However, she found that a purely analytical, data-driven approach to landscape lacked a sense of the human scale. She believed a landscape architecture degree opened the possibility of actually creating places that are a part of people’s everyday experience in the built world. So, Anne decided to pursue a Master of Landscape Architecture and was admitted into the landscape architecture program at Harvard University. 

Anne was excited for this next step in her journey; though, she admits, it wasn’t always easy. She found that the biggest challenge in moving from science to landscape architecture was learning how to communicate visually as well as verbally. Drawings, she believes, are the link between the concept in your head and a constructed project. However, Anne found that it takes time to figure out how to use them well. It’s something she is still practicing daily.

In the spirit of continued learning, Anne attends lectures, reads books, and listens to podcasts on everything from stormwater management to soil science to supplement her knowledge of landscape architecture-related topics. Additionally, she volunteers with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee of the Michigan Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). She believes this keeps her mindful of how to use and promote the profession so that it benefits people and communities of all backgrounds. 

Anne believes her role at PEA Group also provides daily learning opportunities as she gains exposure to many different projects. The idea of continued learning was evident when Anne first heard about PEA Group. “What stood out to me about PEA Group was the company’s willingness to train entry-level employees from the ground up.” She was excited to find a firm that cared more about interests and willingness to learn. 

At PEA Group, Anne is looking forward to deepening her practical knowledge of planting, construction, and other components essential to effective site design. “What I enjoy most about landscape architecture is that it’s a field which encompasses so many different disciplines, meaning that there is always a lot to learn!” 

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