Meet Our 2022 Summer Interns: Part 1

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Say “hello” to the interns of summer 2022! Throughout our various offices, interns will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in civil engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, and geotechnical engineering. Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to our nine interns. Today, instead of saying TGIF, we’re saying TGFI – Thank Goodness For Interns!


Ben Champine

I am studying Civil Engineering at Michigan State University. I chose to pursue civil engineering because of the real-world applications associated with it. The world is shaped by civil engineers and that fascinates me. Although this is not my first internship, it is my first time interning with PEA Group. I am really looking forward to experiencing the three rotational positions while learning as much as possible.


Alyssa Hill

I am going into my junior year at Michigan Technological University studying Civil Engineering. I am passionate about civil engineering because I love the idea of solving problems that help people on a larger scale. this is my first summer with PEA Group and my second internship as a student. I am looking forward most to learning CAD software for engineering, as it is something I have not had experience with so far in my career.


Jonathan Lobsinger

I am a Senior at Michigan Technological University studying Civil Engineering. Civil engineers are needed everywhere to sustain civilization and we get to work on some pretty cool projects. I have been fortunate enough already to work on several interesting projects this early on in my career. It’s awesome to be able to drive by a project you worked on and say, “I had a part in making that become a reality.” While this is my third internship overall, this is my first time interning with PEA Group. I’m really looking forward to working with CAD this summer. PEA Group has a very good training program for young engineers when it comes to using CAD.


Avery Seling

My name is Avery and I am a Junior at Michigan State University studying Civil Engineering. I am pursuing this major because I love math and design and this major deals with both areas. I enjoy learning something new every day with my major. This is my first internship and I hope to continue to grow my skills with this experience. I am looking forward to using new software and meeting new people.


Riley Shelly

I’m Riley Shelly. I am a freshman at Oakland Community College currently doing my general education classes. I want to go into surveying and believe PEA Group will give me good first-hand experience. This is my first internship and I’m looking to get as much experience as possible this summer to gain a better understanding of what surveyors do in the field.


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