Meet Our 2022 Summer Interns: Part 2

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Say “hello” to the interns of summer 2022! Throughout our various offices, interns will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in civil engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, and geotechnical engineering. Today, instead of saying TGIF, we’re saying TGFI – Thank Goodness For Interns!


Aaron Dawson

I am in my second year at Michigan State University studying civil engineering. I was drawn to civil engineering by the challenges I would encounter, especially problem solving using my knowledge of mathematics and computer design. This summer, I have been given the opportunity of working and enhancing my skills at PEA Group. I am really looking forward to bettering the community of East Lansing through my work and involvement.


Ashley Gamez Montalvo

I am currently a Senior civil engineering student at the University of Houston and plan to graduate by May 2023. At first I wanted to pursue architecture but ultimately wanted to challenge with the design aspects that engineers face and solve every day. I am interested in the construction aspect of this field as well as the different phases of projects that brings something on paper or the computer come to life. While I have not interned with PEA Group before, a previous intern recommended I apply, giving me a brief overview of the internship, which prompted me to finally apply! Since this is my first internship, I am looking forward to learning a lot of material and seeing firsthand the progress of projects I’ll be working on. I am most looking forward to spending time with this great team for the summer!


Jordan Stacy

I just finished my Junior year at Michigan State University studying Landscape Architecture. I became interested in the profession after shadowing a designer while in high school and knew it was what I wanted to major in. I really enjoy studying landscape architecture because its combination of the outdoors and need for creative problem solving through design. This is my first internship, and I am extremely excited to learn and grow more in the field!


Rebecca Stover

I am a Senior at Michigan Technological University studying Civil Engineering and Geospatial Engineering. I enjoy being hands-on and outside and this major gives me the opportunity to see different places if not every day, then every week – which keeps things from getting boring. I love that each site is different than the day before. It’s not the same machine-like movements all the time; It makes you have to think. This is my first internship, and I am looking forward to participating in field work. While I know how to do things on paper, it will never compare to figuring things out at an actual site.


Rolando Ybarra

I am a Senior at Texas A&M University studying Environmental Geoscience with a focus on GIS and Land Surveying. I’m pursuing this major because surveying genuinely interests me and is something I can see myself making a career out of. I enjoy this major because it allows me to go out into the field and use interesting technology as well as my own skills to problem solve. This is my first internship so I’m looking forward to learning and soaking up as much experience and information as I can.


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