Meet our Interns: Part 3

3 min read

The interns of summer 2021 are here! Throughout our various offices, interns will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in land surveying, geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, and landscape architecture. We are excited to introduce to you three of our nine interns. So today, instead of saying TGIF, we’re saying TGFI – Thank Goodness For Interns!


Marcos Salamanca

I am Marcos Salamanca. I study civil engineering at the University of Houston and will be entering my junior year this coming fall. I chose civil engineering as I have always enjoyed working on large projects and solving complex problems. What I like about my major is the variety of problems we as engineers must face and the courage needed to overcome them. While this will be my first internship, I will also be the first-ever intern for PEA Group’s Houston office. I am looking forward to establishing strong relationships with my team members, learning from their wisdom, and making valuable contributions to the company.


Anthony Gurizzian

My name is Anthony Gurizzian and I am a junior at Michigan State University. When I was an incoming freshman heading into MSU, I was drawn to the idea of the applied engineering major through my passion for math and science. Although there are a multitude of disciplines, applied engineering seemed optimal due to its versatility and breadth. With such a wide range of opportunities that this major entails, it led me to pursue this schooling and career path. Following off of that point, one of the main reasons I enjoy my major so much is due to the scope of what my classes, extracurriculars, and job opportunities offer. The variability of my major is highlighted due to the fact that I have had an internship in the supply chain side of the business. Although I have not interned with PEA Group before, I am extremely interested in what this summer has to offer. I look forward to further understanding the basis of the civil engineering discipline, learning each facet that PEA Group handles on a day-to-day basis, and working in a professional setting at such an esteemed firm.


Madelyn Landry

I’m Madelyn Landry. I am a junior at Western Michigan University, where I study civil engineering. I went into civil engineering because I like to fix things, and infrastructure everywhere is in desperate need of fixing. This is my first internship with PEA Group. Last summer, I interned with my county’s road commission, where I spent time watching roads and bridges being constructed firsthand. With PEA Group, I am looking forward to learning more about design and experiencing different types of projects.