PEA Group Welcomes Largest Group of Shareholders in Company History

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Earlier this year, PEA Group proudly celebrated the promotion of nine exceptional employees to the Associate level, the largest group in company history: Leslie Accardo, Lucas Driesenga, Salvador Grimaldo Herrera, Ronald Hoeft, Brett Hollandsworth, Elizabeth ‘Violet’ Mak, Nicole Rihtarchik, Robert Rochon, and Alex Van Duzer. We extend our heartfelt congratulations once again to these individuals, recognizing the significance of this milestone for both them and the company.

As Associates at PEA Group, these individuals are distinguished for their outstanding skills, expertise, and leadership within the organization. Associates play a pivotal role in propelling the company’s success and expansion, shouldering increased responsibilities, and contributing to the overall strategic direction. They are entrusted to lead projects, mentor junior staff, and collaborate with colleagues to deliver top-notch results to clients.

Attaining the status of Associate at PEA Group represents a significant milestone in one’s career. It reflects a high level of expertise, dedication, and leadership within the company. Associates are indispensable team members, steering success and bolstering PEA Group’s continued growth and reputation.

Each of these individuals brings a unique set of skills and expertise to their new roles, and we have full confidence that they will continue to thrive and contribute to the success of PEA Group. Their diligence, dedication, and pursuit of excellence have not gone unnoticed, and we eagerly anticipate their future achievements in their new positions.


When asked about the significance of this promotion, here are the responses from the newly appointed Associates:


“I appreciate the opportunity to grow with PEA Group and share in its vision. The momentum developed in the three years since I joined has been exciting. As a member of an employee-owned organization, I am empowered to actively contribute to its prosperity and success.”

– Leslie Accardo, PMP, LEED AP, Senior Project Manager

“I’m very proud to be an Associate at PEA Group. The firm has grown tremendously since I joined after graduating college in 2017, and I have a firm belief that we will continue to grow in a positive direction in the years to come.”

– Lucas Driesenga, PE, Project Engineer

“I’m motivated by the recognition of my impact, knowledge, and values at PEA Group. Grateful for the opportunities and exceptional leadership, I look forward to mentoring, enhancing client relationships, and shaping the next generation of leaders.”

-Salvador Grimaldo Herrera, Senior Project Manager

“Inspired by Shiv Khera’s philosophy that ‘positive action combined with positive thinking leads to success,’ the support from PEA Group empowers me to not only contribute to my own growth, but also take pride in my contributions to the company’s success.”

– Ronald Hoeft, PE, Senior Project Manager

“Becoming a shareholder at PEA Group is a profound milestone in my professional journey. It represents not only my dedication to our shared success but also my confidence in my colleagues and our vision. I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, confident in our ability to succeed together.”

– Brett Hollandsworth, PS, PE, Project Manager

“I am truly blessed to have found such an amazing company to work for, who supports me as a leader in building a legacy for the next generation of landscape architects and designers in the Gulf Coast Region.”

-Elizabeth ‘Violet’ Mak, PLA, RAS, SITES AP, Regional Director of Landscape Architecture

“Becoming an associate is a testament to my support for the company and my aspiration to play a more influential role in shaping its future direction. PEA Group has achieved remarkable growth in the relatively brief time I’ve been part of it, and the chance to contribute to its future growth in a more substantial capacity is truly exciting.”

-Nicole Rihtarchik, CPSM, Senior Marketing Manager

“I believe my experience brings a unique knowledge and perspective to the company. PEA Group has an outstanding pool of leadership and talent, and being an Associate allows me to assist in determining the best way to leverage my skills to best serve the growth and stability of the company.”

– Robert Rochon, PE, Senior Project Manager

“I am incredibly honored to reach the Associate level here at PEA Group. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team. Together, we will continue to drive success and innovation in our industry, delivering exceptional results for our clients.”

Alex Van Duzer, PE, Regional Business Manager


We invite you to join us in congratulating Leslie, Lucas, Salvador, Ronald, Brett, Violet, Nicole, Robert, and Alex on their well-deserved promotions. We eagerly anticipate their continued success and contributions to PEA Group.

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