No Leaves? No Problem!

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Get a Jump on Spring This Year!

Did you know that the bark, buds, and twig configuration are actually more helpful when identifying a tree correctly? While leaves are helpful, they’re not the only indication of a tree’s species. The weather at this time of year allows for our skilled teams to move through densely wooded areas quickly and with a greater range of visibility. Of course, the best part is that there aren’t any bugs…did we mention no bugs!?

This past March, Theresa Pardington, LLA, PA, ISA-CA, and Magan Rugenstein attended a woody winter plant identification class lead by the Michigan Wetlands Association at the Midland Down Gardens. It was an excellent opportunity for everyone to refresh their skills and to learn some new tricks, such as viewing the color of twig pith, or crushing and smelling a bud, as the scent is a great tool for identifying a plant.

Our ecological department is ready and eager to assisst in identifying any type of woody plants (aka trees), even when they are dormant. Spring is on the horizon, so make sure your property is ready with help from PEA. Remember, no leaves? No problem!


Theresa Pardington, PLA, PWS, ISA-CA

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