PEA Group Announces 2022 Promotions

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This year, as we celebrate our 75th anniversary, we are also celebrating over 40 staff promotions across our offices. Please join us in celebrating each of our team members who have been promoted this year.


Leslie Accardo, Senior Project Manager

Jonathan Andare, Staff Engineer III

Gavin Bechtell, Survey Technician II

Chris Beland, Regional Director of Survey Services – Brighton & Lansing

Noah Birmelin, Project Coordinator I

Brett Dankenbring, Survey Crew Chief II

Marcelin Essono, Survey Crew Chief I

Stacey Fenn, Staff Surveyor II

Loretta Greer-Hasan, Senior Administrative Coordinator

Savannah Grodzicki, Marketing Coordinator

Hayden Grzelak, Survey Technician II

Ronald Hall, Survey Technician III

Anne Hayner, Landscape Designer II

Mitchel Hoeksema, Survey Crew Chief II

Chris Johnston, Senior Engineering Technician

Joseph Kowtko III, Engineering Technician II

Michelle Kullick, Survey Crew Chief I

Tristan Larson, Project Coordinator III

Greg Malendowski, Survey Technician III

Pam Merline, Senior Administrative Coordinator

Al Michels, Staff Engineer III

Kyle Miller, Staff Engineer III

Dave Nepper, Director of Utility and Energy Services/Senior Project Manager

Stephen Padgett Jr., Survey Technician III

Theresa Pardington, Project Manager

Justin Pauken, Staff Engineer II

Rob Peery, Project Coordinator I

Scott Peruski, Project Manager

Jonathan Puffer, Project Engineer

Aarthi Rangarajan, Director of Finance and Accounting

Todd Shelly, Vice President

Benjamin Singer, Survey Technician II

Jeff Smith, Vice President

Steve Sorensen, Vice President

Kevin Staley, Vice President

Dan Stys, Vice President

Stephanie Tanulku, Director of Human Resources

Milo Taylor, Staff Engineer III

Matthew Truesdale, Survey Technician II

Rachel Wandmacher, Project Engineer

Lynn Whipple, Project Coordinator I

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