PEA Group Celebrates National STEM Day 2021

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In the early 2000s, after discovering that American students were underperforming in STEM disciplines in comparison to students of other countries, the Obama Administration announced the 2009 Educate to Innovate Campaign, which focused on science, math, engineering, and technology-based programs.

Today, as we celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day, several PEA Group team members share why they believe STEM/STEAM programs are important. See their answers below.

“STEM programs help provide the skills and knowledge for students to not only be successful in STEM professions but gives them a foundation to be successful in any career path they choose.” – Dana Temerowski, Senior Project Engineer

“Science, technology, engineering, and math are the foundations of our society. Without the technical knowledge learned in STEM classes, society as we know it today would not be able to function properly. Manufacturing; building; food and good production; transportation; energy generation and supply; and communication are all dependent on advanced technologies and people involved with the design, operations, and maintenance.” – Rachel Smith, PE, LEED AP, Senior Project Manager

“STEM education is important because it prepares students with the critical skills needed for the present and the foreseeable future. It educates students to interpret the world with scientific skepticism, by pursuing truth that is supported by facts and scientific evidence. Most importantly, STEM education goes beyond just the acquisition of knowledge by training students to apply their knowledge to solve difficult problems with others.” – Justin Pauken, Staff Engineer I

“I believe STEM programs are a great way to promote the importance of STEM professions and, at the same time, expose students and parents to careers like those at PEA Group. STEM programs also inspire and motivate students to strive for career opportunities that they believe are not attainable. For people like me who are a first-generation college student and minority, STEM programs provide students with resources to help reach their goals. While some STEM programs focus on closing the gender gap, others focus on closing the ethnicity gap that still exists within the STEM industry. STEM programs have contributed to the constant growth of the STEM community and will continue to do so in the future.” – Adilene Mendino Estrada, EIT, Senior Staff Engineer

“By exploring the creative side of math and science, STEM programs develop the innovators and critical thinkers of the next generation. Accessibility to these programs can set students up to recognize a passion that may have otherwise gone undiscovered for them.” Wendy Ripper, PE, Project Engineer

“STEM is important because it is how we improve our society and make living better for people. Constant innovation leads to more opportunities being available to people that were barred from them previously. Whether it’s the creation of ADA requirements or cochlear implants, STEAM is the reason people have the ability to reduce any adversity they face and live their best lives.” – Kayla Plancon, Staff Engineer III


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