PEA Group Rolls Up Their Sleeves for the Life Remodeled Six Day Project

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On Wednesday, October 7th, several of our PEA Group team members participated in Life Remodeled’s Six Day Project. The Six Day project primarily focuses on removing blight from front yards of vacant properties, while also cutting down overgrown grass and brush. PEA Group has participated in the project previously in both 2017 and 2019. This year, however, PEA Group team members were able to use four hours of paid Volunteer Time Off to participate, as part of PEA Group’s new volunteering initiative.

The Six Day Project annually mobilizes 10,000  volunteers (a maximum of 5,000 this year due to Covid restrictions) to help clean and revitalize the area surrounding their current opportunity hub. In 2019, Life Remodeled had over 9,700 volunteers from both the city of Detroit and surrounding suburbs. Due to the efforts of Life Remodeled and the Six Day Project, neighborhood crime has significantly decreased. Additionally, following their involvement with the Six Day Project, 84% of volunteers gain a more positive understanding of the community working together and 80% of volunteers experience positive change in their life.

Due to Covid-19, several changes were made to the program to ensure safety protocols were met. Life Remodeled only accepted 5,000 participants in groups of five or more and work was limited to one block per team. Furthermore, volunteers were required to stay 10 feet apart at all times. While tools were sanitized prior to use, volunteers could not swap or share their tools.

To view the official Life Remodeled website and learn more about the Six Day Project, click here:

About Life Remodeled

Life Remodeled is a non-profit based in Detroit that focuses on the revitalization of neighborhoods throughout the city and surrounding areas. Since 2014, Life Remodeled has helped four schools, repaired about 188 homes, and reinvigorated around 1,589 blocks. Additionally, around 66,433 total participants have volunteered with Life Remodeled.

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