PEA Group Volunteers for Life Remodeled’s Six Day Project

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Life Remodeled is a non-profit based in Detroit that focuses on the revitalization of neighborhoods throughout the city and surrounding areas. Since 2014, Life Remodeled has helped four schools, repaired about 188 homes and over 2,000 boarded-up houses, and reinvigorated around 1,660 blocks. Additionally, around 68, 454 total participants have volunteered with Life Remodeled.

On Wednesday, October 6th, several of our PEA Group team members participated in the Six Day Project. This year, the focus of the Six Day Project was primarily on removing blight from around the Durfee Innovation Society. Life Remodeled followed all State of Michigan COVID-19 guidelines over the course of the six days to ensure the safety of the volunteers and community members.

PEA Group has participated in the project previously in 2017, 2019, and 2020. Similar to last year, PEA Group team members had the option of using their hours of paid Volunteer Time Off to participate, as part of PEA Group’s volunteering initiative.

In 2020, Life Remodeled had approximately 2,021 volunteers from both the city of Detroit and surrounding suburbs volunteer to remove the blight on roughly 70 blocks. Volunteers additionally revitalized a playscape and made improvements to the Durfee Innovation Society. Due to the efforts of Life Remodeled and the Six Day Project, neighborhood crime has significantly decreased. Additionally, following their involvement with the Six Day Project, 99% of volunteers felt a sense of connectedness with their community and other volunteers.

To view the official Life Remodeled website and learn more about the Six Day Project, click here:


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