PEA Group Volunteers With Friends of the Rouge at PARC

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On Thursday, May 20th, PEA Group team members helped mulch and plant a series of rain gardens at Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex (PARC) to protect the Rouge River. PARC is a 100-year-old historical building previously known as Central Middle School and the original Plymouth High. What was once a deteriorating parking lot with minimal landscaping will now have 20,000 square feet of rain gardens that will offer environmental protection in the area.

The PEA Group team helped Friends of the Rouge kick off their efforts by assisting with the first four rain gardens. The rain gardens will collect over 225,000 gallons of water during each rainfall, which will lead to cleaner water by reducing pollution, flooding, and riverbank erosion. The rain gardens will create softer, more lush green spaces and keep the area cooler during the summer months. In addition, the rain gardens will support native hummingbirds and butterflies, as well as pollinator species, such as the bees that live in PARC’s rooftop hives.

These environmental practices can be put into use at home, as many homeowners have the space necessary to develop rain gardens. Home rain gardens serve as wildlife waystations and keep pollution from entering drains. To learn more about home rain gardens and other resources, visit:

About Friends of the Rouge

Friends of the Rouge (FOTR) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 1986 to raise awareness about the need to clean up the Rouge River in southeast Michigan. Learn more about their mission:

About PARC

Based out of Plymouth, Michigan, PARC is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Starting as a grassroots movement, PARC was founded when several local citizens formed a group to restore and repurpose a 100-year-old historic building that had formerly housed the Central Middle School and the original Plymouth High. This building is now the Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex. PARC and its members serve the Plymouth community by offering education, arts, and recreation programs for all ages.

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