PEA Group’s AASHTO R18 Laboratory Reaccredited

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PEA Group has successfully completed our construction materials testing laboratory’s annual audit with zero non-conformities by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Our lab was first accredited in December 2017, and we continue to pursue this annual accreditation to ensure quality management for our clients’ testing and reporting.

Located in our headquarters in Troy, Michigan, our construction materials testing team can provide materials testing, inspection, and reporting all under one roof. Having this accreditation ensures our laboratory equipment, procedures, and personnel follow the AASHTO and ASTM standards. In addition to our accredited lab and field-testing procedures, we have the following testing capabilities:

  • Infiltration Testing
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Sound Monitoring
  • Floor Flatness Testing
  • Settlement Monitoring
  • Inclinometer Monitoring
  • Floor Slip Resistance Testing
  • Soil Resistivity Testing
  • Asphalt and Concrete Coring
  • Spray-on Fireproofing Inspections
  • Window/Curtain Wall Spray Testing
  • Eifs Testing and Observation
  • Welding Inspections and Testing
  • Anchor Bolt Pull Testing
  • Piezometer Installation and Monitoring
  • Nondestructive Strength Testing of Concrete
  • Petrographic Analysis of Concrete


About the Program

The laboratory accreditation program is composed of laboratory assessments, quality management system evaluations, and proficiency testing based on AASHTO and ASTM Standards. To become accredited through the CMEC Accreditation Program, all laboratories must conform to the requirements of AASHTO R18 – the Recommended Practices for Establishing and Implementing a Quality Management System for Construction Materials Testing Laboratories.

During the process, the CMEC laboratory auditors reviewed our team’s equipment, test methods, and quality management system, ensuring our laboratory’s execution and conformance were to accreditation standards.