Year-Round Tree Surveys: Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Spring

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As the season changes and nature paints the Michigan landscape with vibrant hues, it may seem like you’ve missed the opportunity to complete a tree survey for your property. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

While the leaves may be falling, our skilled team at PEA Group knows that there are other telltale signs that can help identify a tree correctly. The bark, buds, and twig configuration are actually more reliable indicators of a tree’s species. In fact, this time of year with its clear visibility and quick access to densely wooded areas, our team can efficiently navigate and assess your property.

Rest assured that our ecological team diligently stays up-to-date with the latest techniques and knowledge through attending seminars and trainings year-round. This ensures their ability to employ new tricks, such as analyzing the color of twig pith or using the scent of a crushed bud as a valuable tool for identification.

No matter the season, PEA Group’s ecological department is prepared and enthusiastic to assist you in identifying and evaluating any type of woody plant, even during dormant periods. So, as the days grow colder and shorter, remember that PEA Group is readily available to conduct your tree survey.

Don’t worry about the absence of leaves – no leaves, no problem!

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