The Importance of Landscape Architecture During the Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic induced many changes over the past year. As restaurants, movie theaters, and gyms were forced to shut down, many of us found ourselves in need of an escape from our homes and ventured into the great outdoors.



As an avid outdoors person, Landscape Architect, Kim Dietzel, PLA, took note as more people sought the entertainment of nature. She noticed that landscape architecture “is even more very visible at this time as it has become essential as one of the few ways we can leave our homes. While we are restricted on the places we can go outside of the home, we have been able to still go to parks and hike along trails.” As the pandemic continues, Kim notes, more and more people have found and continue to find stress relief in the beauty of nature and green spaces. “That’s what we as landscape architects do,” Kim states, “we design space for people, both in times of crisis and everyday life.”


Woman sitting in building 30 nature garden.


As part of World Landscape Architecture Month – Growing Together, we recognize the many ways we have had to grow over the pandemic. As such, landscape architecture has had to grow, as well, now that outdoor spaces are considered essential for safely interacting with others and important for mental health and physical health. Regardless of the many changes, landscape architecture continues to shape the communities we live and work in. From the flowering trees lining the streets downtown to the places you take your children to play, landscape architecture continues to bring people together to share experiences and spaces.

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