Internship Program

An internship with PEA Group is a career launchpad. As an intern, you will become an integral part of our team and develop the core knowledge needed to find professional success. Coffee runs? Not here. Stimulating projects that require innovative minds? You’ve come to the right place.

Our goal is to help you become a full-time team member by providing hands-on experience for real client projects. Throughout the 12-week program, you will work alongside team members at every level, discovering valuable industry insights while being exposed to the many features of your particular discipline. At PEA Group, we want you to build the foundation that results in long-term success and leadership in the industry. We’re proud that many of our student interns have become full-time team members.

We are looking for students to participate in our paid summer internship program at our Michigan and Texas offices.


Calling all future leaders.

Become a PEA Group Intern

Our 12-week rotational program.

In addition to our discipline-focused internship opportunities, PEA Group offers a 12-week rotational internship program in Auburn Hills, Michigan. This rotational program allows students to intern alongside three departments during the summer and spend roughly four weeks with each department. Prior to program start, we evaluate the previous experience of each intern to maximize individual development and promote a diverse learning environment. Time will be split between the office and field, with responsibilities including land surveying, geotechnical engineering, AutoCAD orientation, and design tasks. This opportunity provides interns with the chance to fully immerse themselves and learn PEA Group’s integrated approach for site design.

The 1947 Scholarship.

In celebration of our 75th anniversary in 2022, PEA Group established the 1947 Scholarship. We strongly believe that access to proper education and resources is central to success. Our 1947 Scholarship program was founded to promote this belief and further support the advancement of PEA Group interns. Recipients of the scholarship will be selected based on several criteria, including showing exemplary drive and initiative throughout the duration of the 12-week internship. Scholarship recipients will be selected by a committee of designated PEA Group leaders.

My personal learning has been so highly prioritized by PEA Group this summer. Everyone in the office took time out of their schedules to help teach me all sorts of things about this career. I’ve gotten to work on all sorts of different projects, and now I feel like I have a much better understanding on what being a civil engineer might look like.

I appreciate the opportunity that PEA Group has given me with this internship. Every coworker that I worked with this summer was very helpful and they sacrificed their time to encourage me to learn and improve. I could not have asked for a better summer.