General Motors Renaissance Center

Detroit, Michigan

PEA Group’s services have extended over a 25-year period to perform American Land Title Surveys (ALTA), for the Renaissance Towers (General Motors Headquarters), the adjacent towers, parking decks, parking lots, the People Mover, and the RiverWalk areas along the Detroit River.


The original ALTA survey involved the improvements surrounding the five main towers. The title commitment contained over 900 pages of legal descriptions and related documents that addressed connecting walkways, a large subterranean sewer tunnel, People Mover station, the fluted caisson foundations 80’ below the surface and the multiple ingress and egress agreements.


Our team presented the rights and interests on 16 separate drawings representing the basement and foundation level, a mid-level for parking and crosswalks, and the upper level that included the exterior deck structure, entrance ramps, and People Mover. Our color presentation along with extensive cross-referencing of the “Schedule B” portion of the title commitment with the graphical representations of the same provided a clear and comprehensive review for the representative attorney groups.


As General Motors Headquarters continued to develop and reshape properties adjacent to the Renaissance Center complex, this entailed new legal descriptions and new easements to be coordinated with prior documents. With these new descriptions, we provided new ALTA surveys, which represented new beginnings and continued history of the complex’s growth and development in the heart of Detroit.

Project Type
  • Land Surveying