Ciena Healthcare

Multiple Locations, Michigan

Ciena Healthcare, a provider of skilled nursing and rehabilitation care services, has 42 properties throughout 18 counties in Michigan. Since 2009, PEA Group has provided site design services for 40 of its facilities.

These projects included in-depth due diligence studies that analyzed the feasibility of the sites. Once deemed feasible, our team provided comprehensive site design, civil engineering, and land surveying for each property. Collaborating with the client, PEA provided a range of site design solutions, such as

  • Assistance with agency approvals and permitting
  • Drainage and paving improvements
  • Effective site circulation and parking layouts
  • Innovative stormwater management systems that conserve space while providing scenic amenities
  • Comfortable pedestrian circulation
  • Low maintenance utility infrastructure
  • Infrastructure layout
  • Due Diligence studies to analyze development feasibility

Additional services include the schematic design, design development, construction documents, cost estimates, wetland permitting, and entitlements.

Ciena Healthcare