Conoco Philips Campus Level II Property Condition Assessment

Houston, Texas

PEA Group completed a Level II Property Condition Assessment (PCA) of the former 62-acre Conoco Phillips Headquarters Campus. The project included inspection of 16 office buildings, a central energy power plant, a 6-level parking structure, and a 135,000 square foot fitness center, totaling 1.3 million square feet of floor area. PEA Group found the campus to be in good to fair condition, overall, with many of the issues being cosmetic in nature.

The roof systems showed signs of deterioration to which PEA Group recommended applying a more economical roof coating system to preserve the existing membrane and keep it leak-free. Glass sunscreens were causing flashing cracking and failures to the roof. PEA Group recommended retaining a structural engineer to evaluate this potentially severe issue.

Another area of concern was the pavement condition of the overall site. Most of the pavement was original and needed significant repair in multiple areas.

The building mechanical and HVAC systems needed replacing. Many of the tunnels connecting the basements of various office buildings were showing signs of water infiltration, attributed to the nine-acres of ponds/lakes throughout the campus grounds.

Additionally, the office buildings were not designed/built to the Americans with Disabilities Act’s (ADA) 1993 standards. Therefore, several building entrances, interior paths, and restrooms were noncompliant by today’s standards. PEA Group recommended a full ADA compliance survey be prepared.

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