DTE Melvindale Rouge Complex Facility

Melvindale, Michigan

Following an explosion caused by a car breaching security and hitting a gas main, the DTE Melvindale Rouge Complex Facility in Melvindale, Michigan, was significantly damaged and required site modifications to better protect the facilities. PEA Group was retained to provide land surveying, geotechnical engineering, and landscape architecture services to coordinate the installation of a secure fence capable of stopping a vehicle from breaching the

PEA Group conducted a topographic survey in two field days to examine the existing conditions of the site and locate utilities. Working with the architect, the information gathered from the topographic survey was then utilized to develop a conceptual plan for the project. Our team prepared the landscape drawings and engineering construction drawings, detailing the demolition plan, dimensional and paving plan, grading plan, SESC plan, utility plan and profiles, stormwater management plan, and drainage area plan.

Additionally, a berm was installed to provide an additional layer of security on the secure side of the fence. The berm was planted with a wildflower/prairie mix of plant materials with minimal tree plantings to replicate a natural look. Prior to planting, soil mitigation was required to allow the soil to support plant life and a plan for watering the installed landscape was developed to establish the new material.

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