General Motors Arlington Assembly Center Pavement Assessment

Arlington, Texas

PEA Group was contracted to provide pavement inventory, pavement condition inspection, and work plan forecasting for the Arlington Assembly Center. The inspection focused on the shipping yard pavement for an upcoming installation of a hail net vehicle protection system. The challenge was once the hail net system was installed, performing pavement replacement would be significantly more expensive due to the presence of the hail net system. PEA Group working with the site and corporate facilities personnel developed pavement maintenance and repair plan that could be accomplished prior to the hail net installation and provide long-term pavement performance.  This project was fast-tracked due to the hail net installation timing, and a site visit and recommendations were delivered in 3 days, allowing sufficient time for pavement rehabilitation and hail net installation to proceed on-schedule.

PEA Group has been involved with the General Motors Corporate Paving Program since its inception in 1999. This program uses a managed asset approach to manage pavement assets in manufacturing and office facilities across North America. This program generally consists of pavement asset inventory, pavement condition inspections, capital improvement planning, maintenance planning, and construction. The goal of this program is to extend pavement life and reduce paving costs by achieving cost-effective, long-lasting, predictable, and durable pavement installations.

General Motors
Project Type
  • Pavement Assessment