Vehicle Dynamics Test Area

Yuma, Arizona

Located in Yuma, Arizona, the General Motors (GM) Desert Proving Grounds  (DPG) Vehicle Dynamics Pad (VDP) is a 1,000,000 square foot vehicle dynamics test area (VDTA). Originally constructed in 1967, the VDTA is routinely resurfaced and reconstructed on a 10-year cycle to maintain the safety and consistency of testing conditions. In 2013, the track was initially milled and resurfaced, however, it was not constructed within the project specifications. This reduced the testing operations of the pad requiring the replacement of the existing surface.

In 2017, PEA Group was contracted to design a mill and overlay repair of the VDP. The design included precision milling, crack repair, and overlay to meet a smoothness and straightedge specifications. Our team also provided a thorough evaluation of the contractor’s milling and paving plan to ensure the necessary elements were present to construct a successful project.

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