Covenant Health Mary Free Bed Saginaw Michigan

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Center

Saginaw, Michigan

The Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Center is located on the main Covenant Health Hospital Campus in Saginaw, Michigan. The $40.7 million rehabilitation hospital includes 48 inpatient beds and a state-of-the-art outpatient therapy facility.

PEA Group performed ground-penetrating radar (GPR) clearance of all soil boring locations, public utility locations, and a geotechnical investigation for the new rehabilitation facility. During drilling, soft clays were encountered that extended to approximately 100 feet. PEA Group provided recommendations and analyses related to earthwork operations and site preparation, shallow foundation, earth retention walls, floor slab support, and pavements.

Through careful investigation and communication with the project’s structural engineer, our team was able to provide recommendations that allowed foundations to bear within upper, stiffer clay soils while limiting settlement. This technique prevented the requirement for a costly deep foundation system.

Mary Free Bed is now up and running and welcomes inpatients and outpatients of the greater Saginaw region.

Project Type
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering