Nemoka Drain

Meridian Township, Ingham County, MI

In 2009, the Ingham County Drain Commissioner was petitioned by landowners to improve drainage within the Nemoka Drain Drainage District. This watershed, adjacent to Lake Lansing, had experienced chronic flooding and drainage issues. PEA Group staff members inspected the existing drainage system and problem areas, prepared a detailed hydraulic model, and developed recommended solutions.

The Drain Commissioner, on behalf of the Drainage District, authorized a design approach that included purchasing and demolishing chronically flooded houses, acquisition of new right-of-way, design and construction of low-impact drainage swales and regional detention, and the design and construction of new storm drains to replace the undersized and failing system.

In August of 2021, the watershed experienced a 200-year rainfall event, approximately 5.30 inches of rain in 6 hours. While still under construction, the completed infiltration swales and detention basins performed as expected with no flooding.

Ingham County
Project Type
  • Land Surveying
  • Civil Engineering