NorthPoint Development Burton Warehouse

Burton, MI

The NorthPoint Development Burton Warehouse is a 1,100,000 square foot facility used for auto parts distribution. PEA Group was consulted to perform the geotechnical investigation for the site which included drilling 33 soil borings. The results of the investigation indicated there were buried organic soils related to a historic drain on-site, as well as shallow groundwater. The grading plans called for deep fills to construct the building pad.

Our team also provided recommendations and analyses related to earthwork operations and site preparation, shallow foundation, earth retention walls, floor slab support, and pavements. During construction, PEA Group provided construction materials testing services including subgrade evaluations, engineered fill and pavement aggregate base density testing, floor flatness testing concrete testing. PEA Group cast more than 1,600 concrete cylinders during construction.  As earthwork operations extended into late fall with wet weather conditions, PEA Group provided recommendations for engineered fill and pavement subgrade stabilization including lime and cement stabilization, as well as the use of undercuts, geofabrics, and geogrids which allowed engineered fill and pavement subgrade earthwork to continue.

NorthPoint Development
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