Oakwood Heights Habitat Restoration

Detroit, Michigan

Marathon Petroleum Company LP (MPC) completed a property purchase program in southwest
Detroit, with the intent of developing a 100-acre “greenspace.” The area falls between MPC’s refinery and the Rouge River in the most heavily industrialized area of Detroit, encompassing a degraded residential area known as Oakwood Heights. PEA Group was engaged by MPC to assist in developing the greenspace vision plan. The project included developing a master plan to address stormwater runoff, greenspace development, and the establishment of public amenities.

Program development includes a reduction in stormwater runoff into the Rouge River, wildlife habitat restoration, urban reforestation, urban agriculture, a park-like landscape, and incorporates a segment of the Iron Belle Trail, and riverfront greenspace with public amenities. The first phase of implementation initiated habitat restoration on three acres and a community-driven urban farming project.

Marathon Petroleum Company LP
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