Stream and rocks.

Streambank Restoration

West Bloomfield, Michigan

PEA Group was referred by West Bloomfield Environmental Department to a local residence to assist with repairing a failed streambank within their backyard. The existing drain behind the residence was approximately 20 feet away from the southwest corner of the house structure. Unknown to the homeowners, the quiet stream was slowly eroding beneath the lawn and along the bottom of the bank. In one spring season, five to six feet of land were washed away exposing existing irrigation lines. The goal was to stabilize, repair, and re-build both the stream and the backyard. PEA Group provided wetland delineation, topographical and boundary survey, conceptual and final stream restoration design, permit application assistance, permit drawings, bidding, and construction observation services. Local West Bloomfield permits and a Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy (EGLE) permit was obtained for the client.

West Bloomfield Environmental Department