Shelby Amazon Warehouse

Shelby Township, Michigan

The Amazon distribution facility site located in Shelby Township was previously home to a large automotive manufacturing plant built in the late 1940s. The PEA Group team was contracted to perform a geotechnical investigation which included 37 soil borings totaling 630 linear feet of drilling.

Our team provided analyses and recommendations related to earthwork operations and site preparation, shallow foundations, floor slab support, earth retention walls, and pavements. The existing floor slabs, foundations, pits, and utilities created challenges in the planning and development of the new 1,000,350 square foot Amazon facility. By raising site grades, the distribution facility could be built without reaching the shallow groundwater encountered during the geotechnical investigation.

PEA Group was also contracted for civil engineering which included 1,479 employee parking spaces, 91 truck docks, and 201 truck trailer parking spaces. Now fully operational, this Amazon facility employs over 1,000 people.

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