Orion Township Tree Surveying

Orion Township, Michigan

PEA Group provided tree surveying services for an approximately 28-acre upland parcel in Orion Township, Michigan for the development of residential planned unit development.

All trees measuring 4-inch diameter at breast height (4.5 feet from ground elevation) were tagged, identified, surveyed, and evaluated for overall condition. Our certified arborist and technicians utilized industry standards to evaluate the overall health condition of every tagged tree in addition to any specific local ordinance specifications. Generally, tree health can be easily placed into four categories:  Good, Fair, Poor, and Very Poor.  To minimize bias and provide accurate health condition evaluation the following factors are visually inspected for each tree: crown development (unbalanced/ balanced), branch development (dead, broken, poor attachment), trunk (decay, bark missing, leaning), roots (girdling, exposed surface roots, grade change), and defoliation.

Our ecological staff is trained to provide tree survey services at any time of the year – we can identify trees based upon winter characteristics of bark, buds, and branching patterns. In the past two years, we have surveyed over 25,000 trees within Southeast Michigan.

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