Wacker Innovation Center and Regional Headquarters

Pittsfield Township, MI

Collaborating with the project architect, HED, PEA Group provided comprehensive construction materials testing, geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, and land surveying services to support the successful development of Wacker Chemical’s Innovation Center and Regional Headquarters. This project involved a 14-acre vacant site and included an approximately 140,000-square-foot office and laboratory building, as well as parking and service areas. The technology campus serves as the hub of leadership and innovation for Wacker’s North and Central Americas region, offering world-class labs, a full-service cafeteria, a 24/7 fitness center, and open collaborative workspaces.

During the engineering design phase of the project, challenges arose with the original site due to zoning restrictions and public opposition. The site was denied approval due to its proximity to a park and nature preserve, which raised concerns. PEA Group played a crucial role in assisting with the selection of a new project site. Ultimately, the chosen location was a site where PEA Group had previously completed survey services.

Additionally, the original site faced drainage issues as portions of off-site development and public roadway drainage had to pass through the area before reaching their final drainage outlet to wetlands west of the site. To address this, PEA Group conducted a thorough stormwater analysis and designed a new drainage route. PEA Group provided solutions such as the relocation of the existing drainage route and the implementation of underground stormwater treatment and detention measures. These efforts ensured the smooth functionality of stormwater management on the site.

The new office and research building developed by Kirco Manix and designed by HED is Wacker Chemical Corporation’s latest addition. Breaking ground in late 2020 in Pittsfield Charter Township, just south of Ann Arbor, the project was completed and opened in the spring of 2022. It has had significant economic and community benefits, creating 70 new jobs and attracting over $50 million in private investment. Recognizing the importance of the project, the Michigan Strategic Fund provided crucial support. After careful consideration, Michigan was chosen as the preferred location for Wacker Chemical Corporation’s North American Innovation Center and Regional Headquarters, surpassing competing sites in Tennessee and Ohio.

HED and Kirco Manix
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