Pavement Management

It’s less expensive to properly maintain pavement over time than to let it deteriorate to a state that requires full reconstruction. PEA Group’s managed-asset approach will help you prioritize your funding and extend the service life of your pavements. We offer the following  approach:

  • Experienced, unbiased condition assessment
  • Capital improvement and maintenance planning
  • Focus on lowering the pavement life cycle cost
  • Engineered plans that provide the right repair to the right pavement
  • Preparation of contract documents
  • Construction Materials Testing and inspection to support proper construction

PEA Group’s pavement management programs focus on preventative maintenance techniques to extend the life cycle of pavement and, in simple terms, increase the value of your investment. Performing the appropriate repair to the right pavement at the right time is critical to successful pavement asset and financial management. PEA Group has inspected over 500 million square feet of pavements.