Stream Consulting

Every stream requires a unique combination of skills and knowledge. PEA Group’s ecologists, engineers, and landscape architects understand streams and their interaction with the environment and developments around them. Using natural design techniques, we can reduce the erosive force of a stream and help reclaim your property with minimal impact to the stream’s ecosystem. Our stream services include but are not limited to:

  •  Streambank restoration
  • Streambank reinforcement
  • Stream restoration
  • Stream relocation
  •  Stream compliant structures (Culverts, pipes, bridges, and more)
  • Floodplain filling and dredging
  • Wetland creation and mitigation

Our experienced team understands that every stream has its own challenges, and is fully equipped to craft sustainable solutions that best fit your needs. Our passion for quality is reflected in every project and is further enhanced through responsive communication and collaboration with our clients.