Empowering the Next Generation: Unleashing the Potential of Summer 2023’s Talented Interns in Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, and Beyond!

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Meet our next round of talented Interns for Summer 2023! Say “hello” to our new group as they embark on their exciting journey with us. Across our different offices, these interns will have the invaluable opportunity to gain hands-on experience in civil engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, and geotechnical engineering.

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to each of our 13 interns, highlighting their unique skills, aspirations, and contributions. Together, they bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of potential to our team.

This year’s summer theme is Unlocking Your Potential. Through mentorship, engaging projects, and a supportive environment, we aim to provide our interns with the tools and experiences that will unlock their true capabilities and set them on a path to success.

Join us in welcoming these exceptional interns, and stay tuned for upcoming spotlights as we showcase their remarkable talents and dedication. Let the summer of 2023 be an enriching and rewarding experience for our interns as they unlock their full potential, benefiting both themselves and our entire team!

Today, instead of saying TGIF, we’re saying TGFI – Thank Goodness for Interns!

Alyssa Hill | Auburn Hills, MI

My name is Alyssa, and I’m a senior at Michigan Technological University studying Civil Engineering. I’ve changed my major from Computer Science to Biomed to Civil Engineering. Working on large-scale physical and publicly impactful problems made me fall in love with the field of civil engineering. This is the third internship of my career, but my second with PEA Group. During my last few weeks with PEA Group last summer, I had the opportunity to draft my own geotechnical report, and it ignited my passion for geotechnical engineering. Because of this, I respect and appreciate the responsibility that PEA Group offers its interns, and I look forward to learning even more this summer!


Amanda Reed | Remote

I’m Amanda, and I am a senior at Michigan Technological University studying environmental engineering. I chose to pursue environmental engineering because I enjoy the engineering process and want to apply it to making the built environment more sustainable. I’ve enjoyed the hands-on learning provided at Michigan Tech; going out in the field to study and learn has given me valuable experience. This is my first internship and my first job at PEA Group. I was interested in working for PEA Group because of the opportunities to work with local communities and contribute to making them greener. I am looking forward to learning new programs and gaining practical experience in engineering projects.


Erin Pietruszka | Brighton, MI

Hello, I am Erin, a rising senior at Western Michigan University studying Civil Engineering. I love the complexity of the math involved in engineering; it pushes me to gain a solid understanding of the materials I am learning about and how to apply them in the real world. This is my first internship as an engineer. PEA Group stood out to me because of its proximity to my home, the supportive and helpful staff, and the hands-on experience it offers, which will provide me with a better understanding of what my future career could look like.


Renee Kehren | Auburn Hills, MI 

I’m Renee, and I am a senior at Michigan State University studying Civil Engineering. I chose to pursue civil engineering because I find it both challenging and engaging. I enjoy the entire engineering process and take pleasure in devising solutions to complex problems. This is my second internship, but my first with PEA Group. I was drawn to the rotational program at PEA Group because of the diverse range of experiences it offers. I am excited about expanding my knowledge of the civil engineering field and getting to know everyone at PEA Group.

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