Meet the Talented Interns of Summer 2023: Unlocking Potential in Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, and More!

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Meet the talented Interns of Summer 2023! Say “hello” to our new group as they embark on their exciting journey with us. Across our different offices, these interns will have the invaluable opportunity to gain hands-on experience in civil engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, and geotechnical engineering.

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to each of our 13 interns, highlighting their unique skills, aspirations, and contributions. Together, they bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of potential to our team.

This year’s summer theme is Unlocking Your Potential. Through mentorship, engaging projects, and a supportive environment, we aim to provide our interns with the tools and experiences that will unlock their true capabilities and set them on a path to success.

Join us in welcoming these exceptional interns, and stay tuned for upcoming spotlights as we showcase their remarkable talents and dedication. Let the summer of 2023 be an enriching and rewarding experience for our interns as they unlock their full potential, benefiting both themselves and our entire team!

Today, instead of saying TGIF, we’re saying TGFI – Thank Goodness for Interns!

Jillian Gray | Brighton, MI

I am entering my senior year at Michigan State University, studying Civil Engineering. I have chosen this major due to my innate creativity and strong attention to detail and design. The mathematical aspects of my field greatly appeal to me, and I have a particular interest in civil engineering software, such as AutoCAD Civil 3D. This summer marks my third internship experience, but my first with PEA Group. The company’s presence in my hometown and the team’s reputation for knowledge and friendliness drew me to this opportunity. I am incredibly enthusiastic about the upcoming summer and eagerly look forward to expanding my knowledge of AutoCAD Civil 3D software.


Sophia Lack | Auburn Hills, MI 

My name is Sophia, and I am going into my senior year at Michigan State University. I am enrolled in the Eli Broad College of Business studying Marketing and will graduate in April 2024. I chose to pursue Marketing as I have always had an interest in business and have a creative side. What I enjoy about my major is how there are so many different paths I can take, and it is an opportunity for me to use my creativity. PEA Group is my first internship and was an easy decision for me as I will be challenged as well as supported throughout this experience. This summer, I am looking forward to learning more about Marketing and enhancing my business skillset!


Gisselle Huerta | Houston, TX 

I am a senior Architectural Engineering major at Texas A&M University. What I love most about my major is its endless possibilities in the building, construction, and land development industry. As I move forward with an internship at PEA Group, I am excited to learn more about the civil engineering design process, gain valuable skills in this industry, and have the opportunity to visit job sites. Although this is my first time interning with PEA Group, I’m grateful that my second internship in my undergraduate career is with such a great company. I look forward to growing in my professional career and being a part of a great team this summer!


Rebecca Stover | Brighton, MI 

I am a junior at Michigan Technological University studying Civil and Geospatial Engineering. I have always enjoyed being outdoors, and with both majors, that is possible. Also, with every project, there is something different to think about, and not doing the same thing every day has me hooked. Being a part of so many sections of constructing new things is my favorite part. This is my second year interning with PEA Group. Last summer, I interned as a surveyor. I returned to PEA Group because I really loved the environmental work last summer and realized how much I can learn from a company that has you working on real projects. I wanted to see if I would feel the same way while working in the civil department, and I am not disappointed with the results so far. This summer, I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and comfort with Civil 3D.

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