PEA Group in Texas: A Strategic Alliance with Opportunity and Vision

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In the dynamic world of corporate decision-making, choosing a business location is crucial and demands careful analysis. In 2020, PEA Group demonstrated its forward-thinking approach by strategically acquiring Brewer Engineering. This move was driven by a combination of leveraging geographical advantages, capitalizing on the vibrancy of the local community, and aligning with the city’s commitment to fostering economic growth.

Nestled in the heart of Houston’s vibrant surroundings, Jersey Village serves as a gateway to vast opportunities for businesses. The city’s proximity to Houston and the Houston Intercontinental Airport positions it as a central hub, providing both local and international connectivity.

The City of Jersey Village’s commitment to providing an exceptional work-life balance also played a pivotal role in attracting PEA Group. Highlighted in their new promotional video, the emphasis on quality of life stands out. If quality of life is crucial for the productivity and happiness of the workforce, then Jersey Village fits the bill. This aligns with PEA Group’s values, recognizing that a balanced and fulfilled workforce contributes to professional success.

Jersey Village’s efforts to cultivate a favorable business climate were also spotlighted in the promotional video. The city’s dedication to creating a supportive and dynamic business environment resonated with PEA Group’s vision.

Check out the new promotional video below featuring our very own PEA Group team!

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