Summer 2024 Interns: The Bright Minds Shaping Our Future

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Meet our next round of talented Interns for Summer 2024! These eager individuals are ready to embark on their exciting journey with us. Spread across our offices and departments—from civil engineering to land surveying, landscape architecture, and geotechnical engineering—they’ll gain invaluable hands-on experience.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll continue to introduce you to each of our 17 interns, shining a light on their unique skills, dreams, and contributions. Together, they bring a breath of fresh air and a wealth of potential to our team.

Our aim is to provide them with mentorship, engaging projects, and a supportive environment, enabling them to unlock their true capabilities and set them on a path to success.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to these exceptional interns and stay tuned as we showcase their remarkable talents and dedication. Let’s make the summer of 2024 a fulfilling and rewarding journey for our interns as they discover and nurture their full potential, enriching both themselves and our entire team!

Today, it’s not TGIF, it’s TGFI – Thank Goodness for Interns!

Evan Dawber | Geotechnical Engineering | Auburn Hills, MI

My name is Evan, and I am a senior at Macomb Community College. Currently, I am pursuing a degree in product design and development. My passion lies in understanding the inner workings of products and devising innovative strategies. Whether it’s using CATIA, NX, or my hands-on skills, I enjoy the process of building from scratch. In the upcoming semester, I plan to enhance my design abilities by taking AutoCAD.

My first internship experience has been enlightening, as it delves into the fascinating world of geotechnical engineering. Working with earth science has been immensely rewarding, and I appreciate the opportunity to delve deeper into civil design and development.


Willy Houser | Civil Engineering | Auburn Hills, MI      

Hello, my name is Willy. I just finished my fourth year in the civil engineering program at Michigan Tech and will be returning for one more semester. I chose to study civil engineering because of its critical role in society’s functioning and its promising opportunities for growth and development. I have learned to enjoy the technical and business components of civil engineering, but there is always more to learn and experience in this line of work. I have had the opportunity to experience a couple of internships, but this will be my first summer with PEA Group. I chose PEA Group because of their well thought out internship program, desire to train young engineers, and ability to create a cohesive workplace. I am looking forward to a well-rounded experience that will introduce me to new people and provide me with knowledge to continue a career in civil engineering.


Isaac Miller | Civil Engineering | Auburn Hills, MI

I’m Isaac Miller, and I am a fifth year at Michigan Technological University studying civil engineering. I chose civil engineering because I enjoy design work and that I can actually see the product of the work I have done get used. I am a returning intern from last summer and the summer before that I interned at a County Road Commission on the west side of the state, since I am originally from Holland, MI. I came back to PEA Group because what I learned last summer has helped me understand the whole scope of design and planning process associated with civil engineering. I hope to learn more this summer.


Titus Lind | Surveying | Auburn Hills

My name is Titus Lind, from Manistee, MI. Recently completing my junior year at Michigan Tech, I have two more years ahead of me pursuing Geospatial Engineering. My passion for construction has always been strong, and it was the survey aspect that particularly captivated me during my initial year at college. This interest prompted me to transition into the geospatial engineering program. I find great fulfillment in this field as it allows me to immerse myself in the outdoors and explore the wilderness, which aligns perfectly with my interests. While this marks my second summer undertaking a surveying internship, it is my first experience with PEA Group. I was drawn to the internship opportunity at PEA Group after engaging with their team at a career fair hosted by Michigan Tech.


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