Summer 2024 Interns: The Future of Engineering and Design

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Meet our next round of talented Interns for Summer 2024! These eager individuals are ready to embark on their exciting journey with us. Spread across our offices and departments—from civil engineering to land surveying, landscape architecture, and geotechnical engineering—they’ll gain invaluable hands-on experience.

Our aim is to provide them with mentorship, engaging projects, and a supportive environment, enabling them to unlock their true capabilities and set them on a path to success.

Next week, we’ll continue to introduce you to the last of our 17 interns, shining a light on their unique skills, dreams, and contributions. Together, they bring a breath of fresh air and a wealth of potential to our team.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to these exceptional interns and stay tuned as we showcase their remarkable talents and dedication. Let’s make the summer of 2024 a fulfilling and rewarding journey for our interns as they discover and nurture their full potential, enriching both themselves and our entire team!

Today, it’s not TGIF, it’s TGFI – Thank Goodness for Interns!


Jame Ruedisueli | Civil Engineering | Auburn Hills, MI

Hi, I’m Jimmy Ruedisueli. I am a fourth year at Michigan Tech studying civil engineering.  I am pursuing civil engineering because I like to see how the world is built around me. I’ve enjoyed learning about the construction processes and different types of structures. This is my second internship at PEA Group. I’m excited to learn more about Civil 3D and was interested in interning here because I could do work in the civil field close to home.


Mia Arizmendi | Civil Engineering | Houston, TX

I’m Mia Arizmendi, a senior at Louisiana State University studying civil engineering. I chose to study civil engineering because I have always found buildings and structures fascinating, and I enjoy learning about how and why things are designed and built the way they are. This is my first internship, and I was attracted to PEA Group as a workplace because of the friendly nature of the office. I am looking forward to learning as much as possible during my time here as an intern.


Chloe DuBois | Civil Engineering | Lansing, MI

Hello, I’m Chloe DuBois, a senior at Michigan State University majoring in civil engineering and set to graduate in December. My passion for civil engineering stems from my high school engineering classes, where I found the field to be incredibly impactful. I find civil engineering fulfilling as I thrive in collaborative environments and am always eager to explore innovative solutions to complex problems. The welcoming team and positive work atmosphere at PEA Group drew me to pursue an internship with them. I am excited about the opportunity to acquire new skills and gain valuable experiences during my time with PEA Group.


Blake Farmer | Surveying | Lansing, MI

I’m Blake Farmer, a junior at Ferris State University in the Survey Engineering program. I am pursuing a degree in surveying because I get to be outside more often, there are endless opportunities to travel, and I get to work in interesting places. This is my third internship and my first time working at PEA Group. I was interested in working at a larger company for this summer and I heard that PEA Group had a very well-versed surveying department. I am looking forward to working with the many experienced Crew Chiefs here at PEA Group.


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